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Primary Goal



Support: iCAN’s Primary Goal

Parenting a child with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis can be a rollercoaster. iCAN has a very active support network of parents – indeed iCAN was started by parents looking to support each other through the ups and downs of JIA. We interact on Facebook, telephone and on iCAN Family days. The support and information from other parents can be invaluable and it is great to know you are never alone.

What parents say about iCAN…

“iCAN are truly amazing. They are there day and night to support listen and advise. Can’t thank these guys enough.”

“I felt so alone before i found iCAN. With all the great advice and support that iCAN has given me I don’t feel alone anymore. iCAN understand.”

“The support ican has given us is invaluable, it such a relief to speak to other parents dealing with this disease.”


We have a very active Facebook Page as well as a Private Discussion Page – meaning as a parent you can feel safe to share your journey, concerns and questions in a very supportive and secure environment. If you are a parent of a child with JIA and would like to join our Private Forum on Facebook  please email us or send us a Facebook Message. We would love to see you there!

Local Support

Nationwide, we have a team of volunteer Parent Representatives who are only a phone call away. If you need to talk, we are here to listen. We have all been through many of the same situations and challenges that you or your child may be encountering. If you need advice*, a shoulder to lean on or just a compassionate ear then remember that you do not need to go it alone. iCAN are always here to help. Click here for a list of local parent reps and their contact details.

(*Please note that our Parent Reps are not qualified to give medical advice.)

Coffees & Chats

Several times a year iCAN members host iCAN Coffee & Chats. These are great ways to meet people who share similar experiences and to gain new friends and learn new information. Coffee & Chat mornings normally consist of a few parents getting together in a local café and sharing stories and experiences. They are an excellent way to further strengthen our iCAN network of support. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of upcoming iCAN Coffee & Chats

iCAN Family Days

2 – 3 times a year iCAN run Family Days* in various locations around the country. These days are excellent opportunities to meet other families who have shared the same journey as you, your family and your children.

On a typical Family Day, children will participate in a number of activities**, such as indoor rock climbing, archery or Kayaking. Parents and guardians will have an informative day, with guest speakers such as consultant rheumatologists and occupational therapists amongst others.

Children get a great experience of meeting others who share in their illness, and parents get to meet experts in the field and share their experiences of raising a child who has JIA.

The Best Part……It is 100% Free. iCAN pays for all activities, for room hire and food. 

*Advanced booking/registration required. Check out our Facebook page for more details. 

**Activites vary by location, age and height restrictions may apply, activities are supervised by fully qualified instructors.


Over one thousand children and teens in Ireland are diagnosed with JIA, with numbers growing daily. iCAN offers help through our online support network, fimly days out and information days.


iCAN helps parernts, children and teens navigate life with JIA by providing information on JIA through our online support network, our patient packs and information days.


iCAN is working to get children in Ireland better access to rheumatological. Currently, Ireland is at the bottom of the EU for paediatric rheumatological care. Our children deserve better.